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Cinderella Prom Shoes by Touch Ups
Plus Clear Prom Shoes for 2017

Touch Ups' cinderella prom shoes are not made of glass - they just look like they are! But you won't lose your "glass" slipper like Cinderella did, no matter how late you dance at your 2017 prom.

Touch Ups' mid-heel Cinderella prom shoes are vinyl pumps with a 2" heel. They are completely clear with a silver metallic strip down the back and are available in sizes 5-10 plus 11 medium.

Whether you are looking for clear toe straps, clear ankle straps or completely clear prom shoes, we sell many Cinderella style clear prom shoes by Touch Ups.

Designer Cinderella Style Prom Shoes also carries clear, Cinderella style prom shoes for 2017 by a number of renowned prom shoe designers including:

These clear cinderella style designer prom shoes are available in a wide selection of heel sizes and widths to fit comfortably so that you have a wonderful 2017 prom night.

Clear, Lucite, Cinderella:
Prom Shoes by Any Other Name

Cinderella style prom shoes made be made from either clear vinyl or Lucite. Lucite prom shoes are made from a thermoplastic acrylic resin that sparkles with the clarity of glass but will never shatter. And because of their crystalline quality, these Cinderella style prom shoes will match and compliment your 2017 prom gown beautifully, no matter the color, texture, or style of your gown.

Because of the very nature of clear Lucite, these 2017 designer Cinderella style clear prom shoes are highly versatile and may be worn for other formal occasions other than prom night.

Our 2017 clear prom shoes are not dyed or colored in any way, so they can be worn again and again to enhance any style of attire. carries only the latest top quality styles from brand name footwear designers.

Live out your 2017 prom night like Cinderella in an absolutely stunning, fairy-tale pair of clear Lucite or vinyl prom shoes.

For best selection in styles and sizes, you can order your 2017 clear cinderella style prom shoes online, or Email us.

To speak with us directly call Toll Free at 1-888-393-2253.

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Cinderella Prom Shoes

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